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Renting accommodation

Because there is a great demand for rental properties, rents are high and availability is somewhat low. Some rentals are only available for locals who qualify for housing subsidies, which give them access to different living spaces from foreigners who want to rent on a temporary basis.

Housing pricing can vary enormously based on size, location, quality, age, and conditions (furnished, soft-furnished, bare, including or excluding utilities, parking, shared facilities, etc).  We provide the following information for the Northern Netherlands just as a very general, broadly applicable, monthly rental guide:

  • Studios: 550 – 750 euros
  • 1 Bedroom apartments: 750 – 1000 euros
  • 2 Bedroom apartments: 750 – 1250 euros
  • 3+ Bedroom apartments/houses: 900 + euros

Rent is payable on the first of the month in advance, and rental agreements are usually for a minimum of 12 months. Termination of the rental agreement usually requires one month’s written notice for the tenant and three months’ notice for the landlord. Ordinarily, utilities are not included in the rent. Renters are usually responsible for taxes (such as waste water, garbage and dog taxes), which are paid separately.

If the estate agent is working for the landlord, the landlord will pay the mediation cost. However, you may have to pay an administration fee (generally between 50-150 euros). If you hire an estate agent to work for you (searching for a suitable home, house viewings, contract negotiation and paperwork), the usual fee for the rental agency’s service is the amount of one month’s rent plus 21% tax. There is also usually a tenant rental deposit of one month that does not accrue interest and is paid back to you after a satisfactory inspection of the home upon leaving.

The landlord will pay the insurance on the accommodation itself, but if you bring your own possessions, you need to organize the insurance of your belongings.

Check with the landlord whether pets are allowed and what the smoking policy is before asking for a rental contract.

The documents required for the rental contract are:

  • copy of your passport
  • pay slip
  • employer statement or auditor’s report

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