Our Services

The International Welcome Center North offers a range of valuable services for internationals and companies who hire them, from formalities processing to answering questions and organizing integration events, and from personal advice to business guidance. Visit the pages below to find out more about what IWCN can do for you.


Formalities Services

The International Welcome Center North (IWCN) is the one-stop shop for international people living in, and companies located in the northern Netherlands.

Information and events

Everyone is welcome to use the information services and join in on the social activities and events of the International Welcome Center North.

Integration Programs

Make the most of your time in our beautiful region! Our welcome center is equipped with everything you need to ease your integration process.

IWCN Service Provider Program

Our Service Providers are a reliable network of organisations and freelancers who offer their services to help international people in the North

Personal Advice

IWCN offers our members a Personal Advice Package: a two hour consult tailored to answer the questions on topics they would like assistance with.

Welcome Guide

With this Guide at your disposal, you can confidently navigate the challenges and embrace the endless possibilities that come with your new life in the North.