Our Memberships

By joining us as a paid member, you are also supporting the IWCN to keep providing information to internationals across the Northern Netherlands and maintaining a social hub where internationals can network. Be sure to join and support us today!

IWCN Free User

 0 / YR
  • Access to our free events
  • Receive updates of what's happening in the North

IWCN Connect Membership

 30 / YR
  • Access to our exclusive clubs & events
  • Access to our free events
  • Exclusive info sheets
  • A wide social network of internationals in the North

IWCN Student Membership

 15 / YR
  • All benefits of IWCN Connect at a lower price for (Bachelor & Master) students!


You might have some questions about our memberships and events. Maybe these will help you!

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Once a membership is paid, it is valid for one year and (at the moment), they are not renewed automatically. If you wish to not continue with your membership, you can opt to not renew it once it expires.

I can no longer attend an event. What should I do?

If you cannot attend an event anymore, we kindly request that you de-register. De-registering allows us to keep the most updated list of attendees, which will help us in improving our events in the future. It will also help our volunteers to know the amount of people to expect. You can de-register by going to 'Registrations' section on your account and click "De-register".

What happens if my IWCN Connect Membership expires?

A few days before your membership expires, you will receive a reminder to renew your membership. Renewing your membership will give you access to all of our exclusive clubs, events, and info sheets for another year. If you did not renew your membership, then your membership will be downgraded to 'Free users'.

I would like to sign up to IWCN Connect but I don’t have a Dutch bank account yet. What should I do?

If you have a debit card with VPay and Maestro, you can pay in person at the IWCN Office. You can visit us during opening hours, and do feel free to contact us if you have further questions!

Still have questions?

Don't worry, our team is happy to help. Get in touch with us!