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Relocation Agents

A relocation agent can be hired directly or may be on contract with the company that brought you to the Netherlands. They can make the move a bit easier through their expertise in helping you to assimilate in the host country.

The services of a relocation agent may consist of:

  • Arranging the move and importing your household goods and car;
  • Assisting with forms and registration processes that allow you to work and live legally;
  • Communicating with housing agents, arranging appointments, and reviewing documents;
  • Setting up utilities and other household arrangements;
  • Helping you with schools and other educational opportunities;
  • Acquainting you with the surrounding areas;
  • Connecting you to other expats and social organizations;
  • Helping find work opportunities for your partner.

Most relocation agents speak English, and additional language support is often available.

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