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Physical Therapy, Disabilities or Special Needs

Physical therapy

A physical therapist is a health professional who specializes in issues relating to movement of the body. Should you need a physical therapist, it is good to know that you do not need a referral from your family doctor to make an appointment. You are also free to choose the practice of your choice. At the appointment, the physical therapist will do an intake to discover what your issues are, do a physical exam of your joints and muscles, and propose a course of treatment.

Most basic Dutch health insurances do not cover physical therapy treatments. Should you wish to have insurance, you would need to take out extra coverage. However, most additional packages only cover a limited number of treatments by a physical therapist so it is advisable to know what your coverage is before you make an appointment.

Disabilities and Special needs

People with disabilities or special needs can access the services that are available through their health care specialist or hospital, but it is best to talk to your family doctor first.

The local government has a department to address the needs of local people with disabilities or special needs. If you need to adapt your house for a disabled family member, you may be eligible for subsidy. For more information, contact your town or city hall (gemeentehuis or stadhuis).