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ISK – International Transition Class

The ISK is a good option for internationals who are coming long-term to the Netherlands together with their families, and whose children do not speak Dutch. ISK can be translated as International Transition Class. The ISK offers education to students between the ages of 12 and 18 years old who have little or no knowledge of the Dutch language.

Their program is focused in learning the Dutch language and integrating into the Dutch society, but students also follow mathematics, English, biology, care, physical development, visual arts and drama courses.

Academic staff are trained in teaching students who have little or no knowledge of Dutch; they are also constantly schooled in aspects relating to the cultural background of the students. The classes have an average of 15 students. Each class has a mentor who will keep track of the students’ progress and make recommendations accordingly.

Students from the ISK need an average of two years before transitioning to the regular Dutch education system. Based on the results of the program and the input of the ISK team, the latter together with the dean will give advice with regards to further educational possibilities (MBO, VMBO, HAVO, VWO) once the program has been concluded.

ISK schools in the Northern Netherlands:

ISK Assen

ISK Groningen

ISK Leeuwarden

ISK Singelland (Drachten)

ISK Sneek

ISK Ter Apel