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Lebara is a telecommunication company, providing prepaid and postpaid services by using KPN’s reliable 4G network.

Lebara was founded in the UK in 2001 by three migrants with one purpose: being able to call home at affordable rates. No matter how far away from home you are. And these three definitely didn’t let themselves be stopped by the UK telecom market’s pesky rules that they ran into. They wanted to give people freedom. And they succeeded in doing so. Lebara now offers everyone the same affordable Sim Only and Prepaid-bundles.

Since 5 March 2022, Lebara has offered Ukrainian refugees and others with contacts/relatives in Ukraine free telephone SIM cards for free calls/SMS messages to Ukraine. Ukrainians can collect Lebara SIM cards at the IWCN.

The Advantages of Lebara Sim Only

  • Monthly adjustments free of charge: Upgrade or downgrade your own bundle.
  • Arrange it all yourself through My Lebara.
  • A total overview via my lebara app.
  • Control over your costs through the outer bundle ceiling. Max. 10 euro outside bundle.
  • No credit check.
  • Option can be canceled monthly.
  • International bundles
  • Free (Dutch) number porting.

For more info please visit: expat.lebarashop.nl

The Advantages of Lebara prepaid

  • Special call credit for calling outside EU.
  • All-in Holland (NL) plan: Calling, texting and data on the same plan.
  • All-in International plan: Calling and texting to 44 countries and data on the same plan.
  • Free call from Lebara to Lebara.

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