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Staying in the Netherlands

Dog walking service

If you are not able to walk your dog during the day, you can use a service to walk your dog by itself or as part of a group. You can find websites under “Hondenuitlaatservice” or “Hondenwandelaar”. In 2018, the price varies from €10 per walk.

Walking Areas

Your dog needs to be on a leash within build-up areas and can be off the leash outside these zones. If this rule is not followed, you risk a fine of over 90 euro. If there is an exception, this will be notified by a sign, usually “losloopterrein.” You can check websites under “honden losloopgebied” for information on the areas where dogs can walk without a leash.

Dog droppings

It is compulsory to clean up your dog waste within built-up areas. If the police catch you leaving the waste behind, you might get a fine of €140. There are special bags for sale in the shop to collect the dog waste. Occasionally, these bags can also be found in walking areas next to a container where the used bag can be disposed of.

Dog Taxes

You must register your dog within 14 days at:

  • the local municipality (gemeente) or
  • digitally via DigiD

Dog taxes (hondenbelasting) vary from area to area, and will cost approximately €120 per year. Additional charges will be added for each additional dog. Cats or other animals do not require registration or tax.


It is important to register your pet’s microchip number with the Nederlandse Databank voor Gezelschapsdieren (Dutch Pet Database) at www.databankgezelschapsdieren.nl.

Ticks and flees

Ticks are most active from March until October, mainly with humid weather. Check your pet after a walk in the forest, grass, or bushes. You can get special tick tweezers at the pet shop.

In spring and summer, your pet may be bothered by fleas. Fleas live on dogs and cats but hardly ever on humans, although humans can be bitten by fleas. Ask your vet or pet shop about preventing or treating fleas.


Veterinary care is excellent in the Netherlands, and veterinarians are well trained. You will find a vet in most neighborhoods, and they will have a 24-hour emergency number. You can find your nearest vet on the internet under “dierenarts” or “dierenkliniek”.


You can find a place for your dog or cat to stay during the holidays in a hondenpension, hondenhotel or hondenopvang. This might be in a group or in a home setting. There are numerous arrangements to be found on the internet.

Missing Animals

Make sure your animal is wearing an identification tag with your contact details. In case of a missing animal, you can fill in a form on the NDG website or contact the Dierenambulance (animal ambulance) at 0900-0245.