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Child Benefit

The Dutch government assists families with the cost of raising children under 18 years of age (as long as they legally reside in the Netherlands and are insured under the AKW child benefit scheme*). The responsible department for child benefit is the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB).

This child benefit (kinderbijslag) is paid to the family on a quarterly basis. In 2020, for a child age 0 to 5 years, the quarterly amount is €221.49; for a child age 6 to 11 years, it is €268.95; and for a child age 12 to 17 years, it is €316.41.

There are several ways to apply for the child benefit:

  • Via the DigiD website. DigiD is a personal digital identification tool. You can apply online and see an overview or make changes to your personal data. www.digid.nl.
  • Via email.
  • Via post. On the website you will be asked for your post code, and the nearest office information will appear on the screen.

To apply, or to find more information in English, visit the SVB website.

*If you are studying in the Netherlands temporarily and are not employed, you are not insured under the AKW child benefit insurance and thus are not eligible for child benefit. For a complete list of exceptions, please view this page on the SVB website.