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Opening a Bank Account

  • It is recommended to open an internet account for easy bill payments and international bank transfers. Internet banking in the Netherlands is safe and efficient.

    Generally, opening a bank account will need to be done in person, and an appointment is recommended for convenience. However, ABN AMRO Bank has a mobile App which you can download and open the account from your phone. It would be active in four hours.

    It is a good idea to check which foreign currency can be transferred via online banking and the costs involved, and whether the foreign bank uses IBAN/BIC for European account numbers or the SWIFT system or ABA number for the US. Daily limits apply.

    Documents needed to open account

    • passport (or official country ID card)
    • proof of your BSN (Burger Service Nummer, given by the Town Hall/municipal in your area)
    • proof of address (letter/certificate of registration of the Town Hall or a rental contract)
    • employment letter or work contract

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