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Ukrainians now able to open Dutch bank accounts

Posted on: October 28, 2022

Ukrainian citizens in the Netherlands can now access a special procedure to open a bank account through ING and Rabobank.

ING and Rabobank have opened specific offices in their branches to receive Ukrainian people who fled their country after the Russian invasion, providing them dedicated support for the bank account application process.

To open a bank account, Ukrainian refugees have to register at a municipality, and get the registration form Basis Registratie Personen (BRP) and provide a Burgerservicenummer (BSN). They also have to provide a proof of identity: a valid Ukrainian ID or residence permit, or an expired passport with a Certificate of Identity Determination.

The participating banks have more details about the necessary documentation and procedures on their websites (INGRabobank) in English, Dutch, and Ukrainian.

Among other services, IWCN offers support to Ukrainian people with regards to emergency shelters, legal stay, news items, and other useful links in the northern Netherlands. You can access a dedicated page with information in Ukrainian here.