How To Vote In The 2024 European Elections

On June 6, the Netherlands is voting for their seats in the European Elections. Here’s how to vote and how to register to vote. If you’re living in the Netherlands, you can vote in the Dutch European Elections, a.k.a. you can vote for who will join the European Parliament on behalf of the Netherlands.

Why is this election important?

The Netherlands will elect 32 Members for the European Parliament. This year, we’re getting five more seats in parliament due to the seats being redistributed after the departure of the United Kingdom and the Dutch population growth. The European Parliament is the only elected trans-national parliament in the world. It represent EU citizens on the European level. Together with the national governments, the European Parliament writes and decides on new legislation for the entire European Union.

I’m from another EU country, can I vote in my own country’s election?

That depends! Some of the registration dates have already passed. Check out the rules for your home country:

How To Vote Per Country

I’m from another EU country, can I vote in the Dutch election?

Yes! However, you need to register to vote! You will have to submit a Y-32 form with the municipality where you live and will vote. You have to request this form at the municipality. Note: You MUST register to vote before April 23, 2024. Once you’ve successfully registered, you can vote in any polling station (in Dutch) in your municipality.

The form is in Dutch, but there’s an attachment explaining all of the form in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish.

Download the Y 32 form as PDF.

Download the explanation attachments as PDF.

I’m Dutch, do I have to register to vote?

No, you only have to register to vote in the Dutch European Elections if you’re not a Dutch national. You will receive a voting pass at home like with any other election.

If you permanently live outside of the Netherlands, you can register as a Dutch voter abroad on the municipal website of The Hague. You will then receive your voting pass and return envelope ahead of each election.

If you’re only temporarily outside of the Netherlands, you can vote by proxy. You can either have someone vote on your behalf by filling out the back of your voting pass or request a written authorization through the model L8 form. Submit this no later than five days before the election.

When do elections take place?

In the Netherlands, voting takes place on June 6, 2024.

Who is eligible to vote?

You are eligible to vote if you are

  • a Dutch national
  • an EU national from another EU country
  • at least 18 years old on the election day.

Where do I vote?

There are many polling stations in your area. The nearest polling station will be printed on your voting pass, but you’re not obligated to go vote there. You can vote at any polling station in your municipality.

Don’t forget to bring a valid identification, such as an ID card, passport or your driver’s license, together with your voting pass.

Find Your Polling Station