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Leave schemes

Every employee is entitled to leave with full pay. The right to leave days is built up during the course of a year. The minimum number of leave days to which you are entitled after one year is four times the agreed number of days you work each week (usually 4 x 5 = 20 days). If you have not yet been employed for one year by an employer, your holiday will be calculated proportionately. You will receive full pay during your leave.

Leave entitlements can be saved for up to six months. Extra vacation entitlements can be saved up to five years. This offers employees more scope to save a portion of their paid leave days for longer periods in order to, for example, take a day off to tend to a sick child or family member or take a course, etc.

In addition, you are entitled to a minimum leave allowance. The leave allowance is payable by your employer and is paid at least once a year (usually in May). Your employer must specify the amount of your leave allowance on your salary slip. The leave allowance amounts to 8% of your income in money (basic wage, bonuses and allowances). The CAO might include other agreements about the number of leave days, the payment and the amount of the leave allowance.

Public Holiday:

  • 27 April: King’s Birthday (only national holiday of the Netherlands)

Other generally-observed public holidays:

  • New Year’s Day: 1 January
  • Easter Monday
  • Ascension Day
  • Whit Monday
  • Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Whether you are free from work on these days depends on the agreements made between employers and employees in the CAO or those in your employment contract.

Please also see the following links for public and school holidays in the Netherlands.