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Municipality of Assen

Assen is a dynamic city, situated in the north of the province Drenthe. Assen is one of the fastest growing cities in the North and provides a pleasant living and working environment. About 535 international employees lived in the municipality of Assen in 2013.

The city is internationally as well as nationally well-known due to annual events such as the TT and the Grand Prix motor races. This leads to a vast number of people visiting the city every year.

Culture and Museums
Culturally, Assen is famous for the ‘Drents museum’ and the ‘Drents Archief’, which are both situated in the old part of Assen. A walk around the old part of town will also show you the famous statue of Bartje, a famous children’s book character.

In addition to cultural aspects, Assen has a vibrant shopping area with an array of shops that are easily accessible and a market that occurs twice a week.

The combination of a lively city center and relaxing green scenery of forest within the city leads to great appreciation amongst the inhabitants of Assen and makes it a great place to live. The ‘Asserbos’, a 300-hectare forest, is characterized by historical monumental trees and meandering walking paths to enjoy Assen’s great nature. On the outskirts of the city, Assen is surrounded by nature, amongst which are the Drentsche Aa, het Deurzerdiep, het Balloërveld and the Pelinckbos.



For more information visit: https://english.assen.nl/