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Wij Verzekeren B.V.

An insurance bureau staffed by nine friendly professionals, located in the center of Groningen. The Dutch labor market and law require various insurances, and Wij Verzekeren are experienced in creating tailor-made packages, per each clients needs. The bureau negotiates with insurers to make sure that clients have the best packages, and even have an ‘Expat Insurance’ scheme, which can include (but isn’t limited to) personal liability, household contents, continuous travel; personal accidents, personal legal, and GoudaService- a unique product that covers the cost of bringing close relatives to the Netherlands in case of illness (and vice versa).

Aside from this, Wij Verzekeren can also negotiate and provide car insurance (3 separate types), health insurance, international student insurance; and can also advise on student health insurance options.

Wij Verzekeren B.V.


Stationsweg 3E
9726 AC Groningen
+31 50 782 0934