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TinyEYE Europe

Are you looking for convenient speech therapy services for your child or yourself ? Do you want to improve your articulation and pronunciation? TinyEYE Europe is specialized in delivering online speech therapy services. Our team of qualified multilingual therapists are ready to help you in your own language. Using games, our therapy services are fun!
With our advanced software platform we are able to meet you or your child in person through the internet, delivering real-time live therapy services to you in the privacy and comfort of your home – or wherever you may be.
You are also welcome to visit us in the physical world at our modern spacious offices in Groningen to discuss your needs with our therapists.

Online Speech Therapy
Our live therapy sessions with your therapist are planned to suit your schedule, and the games we use during therapy make therapy sessions fun and rewarding.
Your own private practice area ensures you can follow the instructions of your therapist in your own time and place of choice, practicing to improve your competence, guided by personalized video clips from your therapist and having the games at your disposal.

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