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Moving to The Netherlands? Bring your car with you and benefit from enormous tax advantages!

In many cases it is cheaper to bring your car with you when you move to The Netherlands instead of buying a new car in The Netherlands. Expats can benefit from various tax exemptions by using a special permit for removal goods which makes it attractive to bring a car. SCL Rotterdam can take care of the shipment of your car from Door-To-Door, we ship your car safely and take care of all the paperwork including the Dutch license plate registration so you can hit the Dutch roads in your own car within no time.

Except for the services mentioned above SCL offers all kinds of additional services such as vehicle cleaning and conditioning services, updating of your vehicle’s infotainment and navigation systems to comply with EU-roads and installation of alarm systems and vehicle tracking systems.

International vehicle relocations are made easy by our unique combination of vehicle logistics expertise and in-house facilities. We have helped thousands of consumers and businesses with importing their vehicles to The Netherlands. Read more about requirements, our services and receive a free quotation via sclrotterdam.com/moving.

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