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At Clean WorldNL we believe that pleasant working environments are key to working productively. Clean and attractive working surroundings help employees get the most out of every day and are an important part of maintaining well-being and inspiring job satisfaction. Equally, the cleanliness and order of your offices is crucial when meeting new clients, hosting current clients, or cultivating a good company image.

Our job is to provide you with a welcoming environment; outsourcing your cleaning means you can focus on your business, whilst we specialise in taking care of all your cleaning needs. Whilst every company is unique, our experience is such that we have a team for almost every occasion. Understanding your needs is always the start of our service and our commitment to our clients is beyond repute.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility to respond to changes in our clients’ needs. We know that cleaning requirements change over time- whether in a long cycles or due to seasonal variations. Our fast response capabilities and this flexibility mean that you can control the level of our services over time, without sacrificing the quality of delivery.

Our cleaning services include floors, windows, kitchens and so on; with every type of business catered for. We also offer cleaning packages for the end of a tenancy. Our two operating bases mean that we are close to everywhere in the Netherlands. Our Utrecht office covers all of the southern Netherlands, whilst our Groningen office covers all of the northern Netherlands.

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