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Opening hours

On Monday mornings, most shops in the city centers are closed until 1pm, although this does not apply to all stores. On all open days, most shops are open until 6pm. There is evening shopping (koopavond) in many places on Thursday evenings, when shops stay open until 8 or 9pm. In addition, there are Sunday opening hours (koopzondag) ten times a year, during which shops may be open from noon until 5pm. The list of these days can be found on the web or in the local newspaper.

During the Sunday opening hours in Groningen, there is often a goods market on the Grote Markt Square, usually complemented by free musical or theatrical performances on the Waagplein Square. Naturally, the City bus is in operation during Sunday opening hours.

Groningen Public Markets

  • Beijum, Thursday, 8am-1pm, 15 stalls
  • Grote Markt, Thursday, noon-9pm, 30 stalls
  • Hoogkerk, Thursday, 1pm-6pm, 15 stalls
  • Lewenborg, Wednesday, 1pm-6pm, 15 stalls
  • Overwinningsplein, Wednesday, 8am-1pm, 20 stalls
  • Paddepoel, Wednesday, 8am-1pm, 20 stalls
  • Vinkhuizen, Thursday, 1pm-6pm, 25 stalls
  • Vismarkt, Tuesday, 9am-5pm, 20 stalls
  • Vismarkt/Grote Markt, Friday/Saturday, 9am-5pm, 180 stalls
  • Ommelander Markt Ebbingekwartier, 2nd Sat of the month, 20 stalls

Friesland Public Markets

  • Bolsward Market: Thursday, 8am-1pm, Appelmarkt/Marktplein, 35 stalls
  • Buitenpost Market: Thursday, 1pm-5pm, Kerkstraat
  • Heerenveen Market: Saturday, 8am-5pm, City Center, 30 stalls
  • Burgum Market: Friday, 8am-noon, Center, 15 stalls
  • Damwoude Market: Thursday, 8am-1pm, Center, 6 stalls
  • Dokkum Market: Wednesday, 11am-5pm, Center, 8 stalls
  • Kollum Market: Friday, noon-6pm, Voorstraat, 6 stalls
  • Kollum Market: Wednesday, 2pm-5pm, Statenplein
  • Leeuwarden Bilgaard: Wednesday, 1pm-5pm, Bilgaard, 4 stalls
  • Leeuwarden Bio: Friday, 8am-4pm, 96 stalls
  • Leeuwarden Market: Wednesday, 8am-noon, W. Alexanderplein, 5 stalls
  • Leeuwarden, Saturday, 9am-5pm, Zaailand, 12 stalls

Drenthe Public Markets

  • Assen Market: Wed/Sat, 9am-3pm, Center
  • Meppel: Saturday, 11am-4pm, Frederiksoord
  • Meppel, Thurs, 8am-12.30pm, Kerkplein, 12 stalls
  • Meppel, Saturday, 9am-5pm, Kerkplein, 12 stalls
  • Meppel, Thursday, 8am-12.30pm, Kerkplein/de Wheem, 66 stalls
  • Emmen, Friday, 8am-2pm, Center, 150 stalls
  • Emmen, Saturday, 8am-noon, Emmer Compascum, 17 stalls
  • Emmen, Saturday, 1pm-5pm ,Klazienaveen, 25 stalls