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Speed limits

The following speed limits apply in the Netherlands:

  • In a built-up area: 50 km/h (approximately 30 mph)
  • Outside a built-up area: 80 km/h (approximately 50 mph)
  • A-roads and dual carriageways: 100 km/h (approximately 62 mph)
  • Motorways: 120 or 130 km/h (approximately 75 mph or 80 mph)

Since September 2012, the maximum speed on many motorways has been increased to 130 km/h to allow for better traffic flow.

Video cameras, speed bumps and signs on highways all serve to limit your speed. Sometimes parked cars contain video flash cameras, which take photos of cars driving above the speed limit. You will receive a fine later by post if you are caught speeding in this manner.