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Other Insurances

These following list of insurances are the typical types of insurances that many people carry in the Netherlands, including vehicle, personal liability, home-owners, house contents (personal possessions in the accommodation), legal and travel.

Vehicle Insurance

For vehicle use in the Netherlands, third-party insurance (autoverzekering) is legally required. This insurance covers damages to third parties caused by the driver of the vehicle. It is possible to purchase a more comprehensive insurance policy, which covers, for example, damage to your own car. An insurance policy is purchased for a car, not for a particular driver. As soon as the vehicle is insured, every driver who meets the specifications of the policy is covered while driving the car.

Personal liability insurance

Although not legally required, it is quite common for people in the Netherlands to have personal third party insurance (aansprakelijkheidverzekering). This insurance covers circumstances where you or your family may accidentally injure a third party or damage their property.

Home-owners insurance

Usually the owners of furnished rental properties pay for house insurance (bricks and mortar, opstalverzekering) against damage or theft, but if renting, then you should confirm this with the owner. Tenants will still need contents insurance (inboedelverzekering) if they wish to cover their personal possessions that they bring into the house.

House contents insurance

House contents (inboedelverzekering) insurance covers personal possessions inside the house. It is common to take extra insurance for unusual items, even in furnished accommodations.

Legal fees insurance

In the case of litigation, legal fees insurance (rechtsbijstandverzekering) covers legal fees and provides legal support when needed.

Travel insurance

As long as you stay in the Netherlands, most of the circumstances covered by travel insurance (reisverzekering) are already covered by other insurances like the health insurance. It might still come in useful to have travel insurance if, for example, your luggage gets lost or if you spend your holidays outside the Netherlands. Travel insurance can be covered for a certain amount of time and for certain countries or continents. Travel insurances usually cover the costs of lost luggage, cancelled flights, medical expenses abroad and any necessary repatriation to the Netherlands.