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Foreign currency

If you wish to exchange foreign currency at your bank, you will need to check the procedures. Most banks will send your currency to the GWK Travelex Geldwisselkantoor (Foreign Exchange Office – also located at the bigger railway stations and airports). You will receive the money in your local bank account after a few days. An extra charge may apply, so it might be practical and less expensive if you go to the GWK yourself.

GWK Travelex Geldwisselkantoor also can issue a Cash Passport available in Euros, British Pounds and US dollars. It is a prepaid MasterCard that can be a very useful and safe tool for internet payments as well as for overseas traveling. It can be updated with ATM or credit card payments.

Other GWK Travelex services:

  • Most popular currencies are available on demand
  • Traveler’s checks are available on demand
  • Foreign Currency Exchange Return service
  • International money transfers via Western Union