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Bill Payments

National bills can be paid in a variety of ways:

  • automatic debit authorization (eenmalige machtiging): Payments will be deducted from your registered account. This is done with a pre-agreement with the company you are paying;
  • online bank transfer by logging in to your account via your bank’s website, or by using the banking app on your mobile;
  • hardcopy (acceptgiro kaart): Acceptgiros can be paid using internet banking. They can also be signed and delivered to the bank in a special drop-off box marked Acceptgiro. There may be bank costs as well as administration charges from the sender;
  • PAYPAL: This is a payment service that is linked to your bank account and needs a password to implement a transaction. It is widely used for internet payments.

International bills can be easily settled via internet, depending on the country. An IBAN/BIC number (European countries), a SWIFT number (often for Asian countries), or an ABA number (USA) are needed for transactions. Some banks prefer to have a payee list registered beforehand, as well as in which currency you wish to send or receive money. It is also recommended to have the full details of the bank, such as the address, phone, contact person, email address, and/or fax address.