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Banks in the Netherlands have fewer business hours than in other countries, but the services within the banks and authorized offices are usually more personalized.

General opening hours:
Monday:  10:00 hrs (or noon) – 17:00 hrs
Tuesday – Friday:  9/10:00 hrs – 16/17:00 hrs, depending on the branch.

At the branches you are able to:

  • set up your account(s) for personal and internet banking
  • withdraw/deposit money via the ATM (automatic teller machines). The ATMs are also located in various places all over the city. Check for fees or charges if you deposit money or withdraw from a bank of which you are not a client
  • deal with insurance and mortgage matters
  • exchange foreign money; this might take a few days because the bank sends it to GWK (Geldwisselkantoor – Foreign Exchange office/Travelex – also often located at stations and airports)
  • access your safety deposit box(es)
  • obtain financial advice
  • conduct internet banking

Most banks offer additional services like:

  • special children’s bank accounts, such as savings plans
  • insurances (home, belongings, drivers, third party liability, etc.)
  • mortgages
  • financial advice
  • foreign currency accounts
  • telephone banking
  • overdraft protection
  • banking apps for your phone
  • safety deposit boxes

Note: It might help to check with your bank whether an English website is available and if there are special cooperation services with your bank in your home country.

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