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A Researcher is someone who works under Directive 2005/71/EC or Directive (EU) 2016/801 as a:

  • Paid researcher.

  • PhD student.

  • Unpaid scientific researcher with a grant.

and who will be conducting research at a research institution in the Netherlands. This research institution is a recognised sponsor by the IND. Recognised employers are listed in the Public Register of Recognised Sponsors.

A Researcher will:

  • have an appropriate higher education degree. The degree gives access to a doctorate programme. The research institution determines if the degree is appropriate. The degree must have been certified by a notary or municipality (in the Netherlands or abroad). If a researcher does not have an appropriate higher education degree, the research institution must declare that is demonstrated that the researcher has the correct level.
  • a research project that has been approved by the institution. The institution has assessed the purpose, duration of the research and the funds required for conducting this research.
  • have an employment contract or hosting agreement with a research institution.
  • will earn sufficient income. Does the researcher not get paid by the research institute? Then they receive income from another source, for example a grant or sponsor payments, or has enough money on a bank account for the whole duration of their stay in the Netherlands.

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