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Orientation year highly-educated

The “Orientation year highly-educated persons” residence permit replaces, combines and extends the former Orientation year for graduates and Orientation year for highly educated persons permits. This permit allows talented, highly-educated foreigners to apply for this residence permit within 3 years of completing a study or research project (specific conditions apply).

The permit is valid for 1 year during which the permit holder is allowed to work without any restrictions. After the Orientation Year permit is finished, employers may hire the highly-educated foreigner as a highly-skilled migrant but with a reduced salary level compared to a regular highly-skilled migrant. In 2023, this reduced salary is  2,631 per month, excluding vacation pay.

Another advantage of the new permit is that people may apply for the 1 year permit within 3 years of completion of each degree or research position.

For a complete listing of all the relevant conditions, please view this link on the IND website. Additional information can also be found at the Nuffic website.

The application must still be submitted directly to the IND, but if it is approved, the residence permit card may be collected at the IWCN.

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