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Leaving the Netherlands

There are two official actions you should take in preparation for moving out of the Netherlands:

1.  De-register from the municipal database.
You should de-register from the municipal database within 5 days of leaving the Netherlands. Depending on your municipality you can de-register in different ways:

a.  Report your move and de-register online using your DigiD. You will need to login to the municipal site in which you live (not the DigiD website). You will be directed to login to the DigiD site and then will be re-directed to the appropriate page within your new municipality to de-reigster.

b. Report your move  and de-register using the online moving form on the municipality website

c.  De-register by sending a notification by post to the municipality in which you live. Include the following information:

  • Moving date
  • Name, birth date and BSN number
  • Old address in the Netherlands
  • New address abroad
  • Names of the people that are moving with you
  • Telephone number
  • Signature
  • Copy of ID of the person who is changing the address

Please note that the date you submit the online form (method “a” & “b”) will be marked as day of de-registration, if you choose method “c”, you will not have proof that you de-registered. This may be important later so we actually advise using either “a” or “b”.

d. In person at city hall.

2.  Return your residence permit card to the IND.
If you have de-registered from the municipal database, it is not necessary to report your departure separately to the IND.

However, the card is the property of the Dutch government and should be returned to them. You can return it to one of the nine IND offices in the Netherlands before you leave, or to return it to an expat desk such as the IWCN.

You can also return it by post to the following address:

IND Bureau Documentation
Postbus 7025
8007 HA Zwolle

Before you return your residence card, it is a good idea to make a copy of both the front as well as the back of the card for possible future reference.

Kindly make the document invalid before mailing it. You can do this by making a cut in the document or by punching a hole it. Please do not cut the document in half.

It is important that you leave the Netherlands on time. Leaving the Netherlands on time, means that you leave BEFORE your residence permit is no longer valid. If your residence permit is no longer valid, you are no longer entitled to stay.

If you remain illegally in the Netherlands, the AVIM (police) or Marechaussee can impose a return decision. The return decision may state that you have to leave within 4 weeks, but it could also state that you have to leave the Netherlands immediately. You can also get an entry ban for Europe. This does not apply to EU/EEA citizens and their family members. See this link for additional information.