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Province of Drenthe

Drenthe is a province located in the northeast of the Netherlands, with nearly 9.500 internationals living here.

Entrepreneurship in Drenthe

Drenthe is a dynamic province that invites investment and offers room for creative entrepreneurship. Issues such as education, investment, innovation and sustainability figure prominently on the agenda for Drenthe. Modern work opportunities are expanding with smart factories, the Health Hub (a cluster of medical technology companies) and Drenthe is a European Model region for Green Chemistry and Bio-based Economy.

Quality of Life

Who doesn’t know that vacation-like feeling:  wide-open doors with an expansive view over the landscape and enjoyment of the peace and quiet. Drenthe offers a pleasurable living environment with hardly any traffic jams and excellent cultural amenities. On the social side, the people are straightforward, neighborly, sympathetic and full of life. It is relatively inexpensive to live here. The houses in Drenthe are affordable and children can grow up in a safe living environment. Drenthe offers varied types of accommodations: historic buildings on canals, farmhouses with a views over the countryside or modern houses in bustling neighborhoods with all conveniences close by. The comforts of a city but without the hecticness of the Randstad and with good roads and public transport connections.

Discover Drenthe by bike or on foot

Cycling with five stars, that is what you can do in Drenthe! It is the province that radiates atmosphere. A varied landscape of woods, heath fields, vens and drifting sands (three national parks and two heritage sites).  Walking enthusiasts can also enjoy their stay. You can meander through a sea of purple heather and later wander through old forest growths, and end up in a cozy Drents village square for a cup of coffee.

Drenthe: the largest economic playground of the Netherlands

For children, Drenthe is one big playground. Pure nature: romping in the loveliest spots, diving in swimming holes, clambering about in climbing forrests and endlessly abseiling. In the “schaapskooi”, kids can watch the lambs frolicking about. And to see more exotic animals, there is the WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen, where kids and adults can go on expeditions through jungles and savannahs. Do your children a favor and take them to Drenthe! Drenthe is also  known for the TT-circuit, where every year the largest national sporting event is held. During this event, motorcycle fans from all over the world come to Assen to experience the excitement of world class motorcycle racing.


Drenthe is known for the many megaliths scattered through the province. With 16 megaliths in the surrounding area, the village of Borger is the megalith capital. You can also visit the village of Orvelte which is filled with monumental farmhouses displaying how people in Drenthe used to live.  Visit Camp Westerbork Memorial Center, which tells the history of the Central Refugee Camp and the Transit Camp for the Jews (1939-1944), as well as the story of the camp from the end of the war until its demolition in 1970. Life in the camp is the focal point, with personal stories at the heart of the presentations.

For more information about Drenthe, visit the website: https://www.visitdrenthe.com/home