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Service Partners 2021

The IWCN has a wide range of reliable service partners for internationals living in the Northern Netherlands. The partners offer expert services in various areas, including Housing Agents; Relocation Services; Home Services; Legal & Payroll; Finance & Insurance; Tax Consultants; Health & Child Care Travel & Leisure; Education; Jobs and Career Support. All of the partners of the IWCN offer services in English.

The TaxSavers

The TaxSavers is an all-round tax firm. We can assist you with all questions regarding Dutch taxes, the M-form, and the annual income tax return.

Visit our website for more information or just give us a call on +31 (0)20 – 2170120.

AnderZ Makelaar

AnderZ Makelaar has been active on the Northern property market for over 20 years and is specialized in helping internationals finding their new home abroad. Buying a house in a foreign country is a big step, which you cannot do without the help of a local real estate agent. We guide you at the viewings, we help you look for potential problems (for now and in the future),  help you ask the right questions (for example about earthquake damage). We determine the right price for the property and then we start negotiation with the sellers to arrange the best deal for you. Our ultimate goal is to help you find a dream home, not just a place to live in. We listen to your wishes and dreams so we can find the right property for you. As a leading  real estate agent we specialize in buying, selling and renting property. We can also assist in buying investment property or help you find a mortgage. Once you get to know our agencies over a cup of coffee you will know we are the ones to turn to. No cure, no pay ! So you have every reason to call us.


Welcome to KPN!

Internet, mobile, TV, entertainment and more. Always suited to your lifestyle.

KPN is the network of the Netherlands. We offer a better network with better possibilities. Our website is mostly written in Dutch, though you can find general information about our services in English if you click on our website and follow the link.
You can also visit one of our stores for more information, we can assist you in English. Our address in Groningen is KPN Store, Herestraat 75.

Inter-Being Psychologists

Inter-Being Psychologists offers specialised psychological counselling and coaching for expats and internationals in the center of Groningen. Moving to a new country can be an enriching but also an overwhelming experience, during which new issues arise and the old ones gain strength. Being far away from friends and family, it is of great importance to be able to share our problems with someone who really understands us. Inter-Being Psychologists was established by Dr. Marja Kuzmanic, registered health care psychologist and counsellor, who has an expatriate experience herself. Multilingual and culturally sensitive psychological support is offered to adults, students and adolescents in need of professional help for various issues in a confidential setting. 

Expat Mortgages B.V.

The #1 company for financing your home abroad.

Expat Mortgages is a team of independent mortgage brokers for expats who want to buy a property in The Netherlands. The company already exists for more than 12 years and they have provided mortgage advice to thousands of people from different nationalities. They only work with expats and this allowed them to become a specialist in what they do and make many families feel at home.

Expat Mortgages has offices in many cities in The Netherlands. Location of the main office: Barbara Strozzilaan 101, 1083 HN Amsterdam, the Groningen office: Winschoterdiep 50, 9723 AB Groningen.

Expat Pension Holland

As licensed pension consultancy firm we have one focus and specialty: To advise Expats how to optimize their Global State/Corporate/Private Pensions and Wealth Management. As facilitated by our legal/tax/actuarial background and 20 years of international experience.

Thus we also advise expats about executive pension mobility optimization and if required suitable compensation. Often in case of mergers.

Focus of our services:
*Taking time to understand our client’s situation.
*Investing in a long-lasting contact as trusted advisor.
*Protection of our client’s interests.
*Objective and detailed analyses and advice.

Feel free to check our website for more information.

PartnerPete / ARX Groep Holding B.V.

Looking for an easy and reliable way to set up your utilities in the Netherlands such as Internet and TV, Gas and Electricity? Tired of dealing with Dutch utility providers? Meet PartnerPete!

PartnerPete helps expats to set up all connections and services in their (new) home. PartnerPete’s connection service eliminates the hassle and will get you up and running as soon as possible. The best part? Their service is entirely free of charge, no hidden cost!

Save time, find the service that matches your specific needs and pay the right price. Visit the PartnerPete website to find out more.

MILES international payrolling

MILES is a professional, versatile one-stop-shop partner for international payrolling, temporary employment and immigration. As a Recognised Sponsor with the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service), MILES organises and facilitates trouble-free deployment of international employees, such as highly skilled migrants. By administering salary with payrolling, MILES also becomes the legal employer. This is a perfect solution for companies that are not (yet) registered as recognized sponsor with the IND and would like to employ a candidate on short notice.

With our pragmatic and well thought-out solutions and together with our partner LIMES international (limes-int.com/), we unburden you at every step, so that you can stay focused on your core business. One thing less to worry about!

MILES international payrolling website

TinyEYE Europe

Are you looking for convenient speech therapy services for your child or yourself ? Do you want to improve your articulation and pronunciation?
TinyEYE Europe is specialized in delivering online speech therapy services. Our team of qualified multilingual therapists are ready to help you in your own language. Using games, our therapy services are fun!
With our advanced software platform we are able to meet you or your child in person through the internet, delivering real-time live therapy services to you in the privacy and comfort of your home – or wherever you may be.
You are also welcome to visit us in the physical world at our modern spacious offices in Groningen to discuss your needs with our therapists.

Online Speech Therapy 
Our live therapy sessions with your therapist are planned to suit your schedule, and the games we use during therapy make therapy sessions fun and rewarding.
Your own private practice area ensures you can follow the instructions of your therapist in your own time and place of choice, practicing to improve your competence, guided by personalized video clips from your therapist and having the games at your disposal.

BYNCO (Buy Your Next Car Online)


Bynco.com (Buy Your Next Car Online) is the Dutch nr. 1 car-webshop for expats. It is possible to buy a car in the comfort of your own home. We are acknowledged by the RDW and use an independent third-party bank account to make sure your money is safely transferred. Buying a car online is as easy as making a purchase with any other webshop. We have already welcomed many expats with their new occasion and we receive excellent reviews.

  • no language barrier
  • 14-day trial period
  • foreign driving license possible
  • 180 days warranty included
  • no haggling
  • home delivery
  • official RDW-registration

Montae & Partners

Montae & Partners was formed in 2020 from the merger of Floreijn and Montae. We are a knowledge-intensive and professional allround employee benefits organisation. With 130 employees located in offices in Rijswijk, Gouda, Utrecht, Eindhoven and the Caribbean. We work for pension funds, national and international enterprises, works councils and individual employees.
With the ‘Advance’ business unit, we provide companies with Dutch Sickness Act and Dutch WGA case management and policy support regarding the sustainable employability of employees. Montae & Partners has developed an International Mobility Program for expats. Our most important motives: passion for our customers and our field.  Need help? Contact us for more information: + 31 70 – 30 42 900. Nice to meet you!

Vertaalbureau f.a.x. Translations b.v.

In 1988 we started as a translation company for Scandinavian languages and over time we gained enormous amounts of knowledge and experience. Now, 31 years later, we help many businesses and institutes with their international communication in almost any language and specialisation; using the latest technology of course. We also provide certified translations, apostilles and authentication. Our team of skilled in-house translators and linguists will be pleased to assist!

Our international clientele consists mainly of companies, from sole traders to multinationals in a wide range of sectors. We also work for lawyers, government agencies and provincial and municipal authorities. We are ISO 17100 certified.

BED’R Apartments


At Bed’r we try to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We develop our own apartments and studios, designed with care and knowledge of how a temporary home functions best. That’s why all of our apartments are private, very luxurious and fully furnished.
We decorate with care to make sure the apartment feels like a home away from home. Our apartments are situated only at the best locations of Groningen.

We strive to be as flexible as possible. That’s why we choose to offer short as well as long term rental contracts. It is also possible to rent an apartment for your employees. We are glad to offer a custom-made rental plan, designed to fit your needs.

Flowently (live language sessions)


Want to speak real-life, social conversational Dutch? Flowently’s unique ‘live language sessions’ make it much easier. Identify your goals and start learning Dutch in real life situations with a private tutor. We customise every session, focus on interaction skills and back that up with the grammar theory you might need. Meet up in a cafe, learn ‘the magic phrases’ and explore your neighbourhood with your personal tutor. Sessions are available for all language levels. Meet the locals & have fun.

Customised flexibility from 8am – 10pm, Monday – Sunday.

Our services: Dutch Courses for Expats, Dutch for Kids, In-company Training for Individuals & Groups, Welcome Session, Intercultural Awareness Workshops, other languages.

Recruit a Student Groningen | Senior Staffing

Recruit a Student | Senior Staffing has developed into an all-round company in which staffing and recruitment is the core business. Quality and talent are our main values. With national coverage and nearly 25 years of experience we ensure the perfect match between employers and candidates.

We offer the best side jobs and starter positions in various industries. From a flexible job in the auto motive industry, cleaning jobs, jobs in the catering industry to full time administrative functions. Recruit a Student | Senior Staffing provides the perfect (side) job for you… Sign up and join us!

Rental Law Consultancy Frently 

Rental Law Consultancy Frently is a Groningen-based legal advice bureau that specializes in housing law. It was founded by Denise Zonnebeld, following several issues with her housing whilst a student, and continues to provide advice and representation for those struggling with the complexities of the Northern Dutch housing market. One of the main services provided by Frently is its rental price checker, which helps tenants calculate the maximum price their home can be rented at, and then have the rent reduced and claim the money back through the Dutch legal system. After hundreds of successful cases, Frently is the go-to place in the North for housing law advice, and representation. As part of its association with the IWCN, Frently will be holding free walk-in housing advice sessions regularly throughout the year.  

Domus Aegis B.V.  

For Subsidies, Grants and Project Funding

Domus Aegis B.V. is active in the project funding business since her start and combines the today’s 25 years of experience of her founder, Onno van der Kuip LLM, in this branch.

Project funding,  grants and subsidies are considered as complex and legal matters. For that reason start-ups, scale-ups and companies with expansion contract Domus Aegis to guide them from the start till the end of a funding process.

Domus Aegis is experienced on:

  • Start-ups & Scale-ups Investments
  • Business Expansion
  • Research & Development
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Biobased Economy
  • Smart Industry & IoT

Rothwell International  

Rothwell International is a Contract Management Company who specializes in the unique financial needs of all the stakeholders in the contracting industry. Our mission is to be the best in the industry and to maintain sustainable growth.

Highly skilled Consultants (IT or Technical) who market themselves and/or find their own contracts and negotiate their own rates need the services of Rothwell to handle the administration of their contracts with the Client Company.

Rothwell International will assist in arranging work- and resident permits, your tax registration and application for the thirty percent ruling (where applicable). We will take care of your yearly tax return to the Dutch Tax Authorities, free of charge under certain conditions.

With our services you will optimize your billable hours by reducing administration. You will improve your cash flow with effortless client billing and collections, and enjoy specialist advice and guidance regarding tax compliance and optimization to maximize savings on expenses.

Connect Relocation B.V.   

Successful relocation is a complex process. It requires organization, professional implementation and comprehensive follow through. Connect Relocation covers all stages of relocation: immigration, pre-arrival information and orientation, home-finding and settling in.

Connect Relocation’s team brings a wealth of personal experience with relocating and living in another country. We know how important it is that your expectations meet the reality once you arrive in a host country.

Individual relocation services are our core competence, but we also manage processes for short and long-term assignments of larger employee groups.

‘We go the extra mile’ by providing services that support our customers and helps them to have an uncomplicated new beginning.

FVB De Boer Financial Consultants      

Expat in The Netherlands? Buying and financing your home in The Netherlands can be a challenging operation. De Boer Financial Consultants are financial advisors with a deep understanding of the hurdles that Expats encounter when buying a property in The Netherlands. We are specialized in expat mortgages.

Is your income or your partner’s income not in Euro currency?
Do you hold a temporary residence status?
Are you enjoying the 30% ruling?
Is your contract of employment of a temporary nature?

Although these are standard issues we encounter on a daily basis, you will never be a standard client to us. We will try to give you the best and most efficient service possible and be your beacon during the house buying and financing process and beyond. We remain at your disposal in the future and gladly give you guidance on financial planning issues.

Please note that besides our Wassenaar (The Hague) office, we also have an Amsterdam office. The contact details for our Amsterdam office are:
Johannes Verhulststraat 163 hs
1075 GX Amsterdam
Tel.nr.: 020-6645578.

So please contact us for:

  • Financing or refinancing your home in The Netherlands or Germany
  • Advice on financing planning and asset management
  • Insurances such as home insurance, life insurance etc.

Expat Management Group        

What’s in a name??! The Expat Management Group is a dynamic corporate group of recognized legal experts in the Netherlands. We deliver specialized services in the main professional aspects of expat mobility management to the Netherlands (immigration, relocation and tax) and provide comprehensive immigration solutions for corporates, individuals, entrepreneurs and investors alike. Next to the end-to-end mobility services to the Netherlands, our extensive global network of international immigration offices and partners allows us to actively coordinate and assist our clients to set their footprints in new jurisdictions and send their employees across the globe.

Real Estate Consultancy Vastgoed   

Real Estate Consultancy Vastgoed is a company known for its personal approach, creativity and involvement. We assist our customers throughout the rental process – a process that a tenant or a landlord can be unfamiliar with. We keep all the parties informed throughout the whole rental process. To rent properties from landlords and to accompany tenants to find the right accommodation are our strengths! Real Estate Consultancy is distinguished by the high level of expertise in the Expat market. If you are looking to buy a house or rent an accommodation, you can reach us seven days a week. The accommodations we handle are varied: from fully furnished accommodations to short term or long term agreements. We are ready to help.

Holland Employment Experts   

Holland Employment Experts is a fully recognized sponsor within the Dutch Immigration Department (IND).

We can apply for, transfer and administer:

  1. Expatriate entry;
  2. Working and residence permits;
  3. Allowing you and your contract(s) to legally live and work in the Netherlands.

Following this process, Holland Employment Experts becomes the legal Dutch employer. We are therefore responsible for issuing employment contracts, the 30% ruling application, payment of income taxes and net salaries. Our dedicated Highly Skilled Migrant unit is ready and willing to take on this responsibility so you can focus on the exciting challenges ahead.

At Holland Employment Experts, we make sure our clients and employees can fully concentrate on their work. Administrative and legal matters? No worries. We can arrange all that.

HLB Nannen Accountants en Adviseurs     

The accountants and consultants firm HLB Nannen has sites in Groningen and Emmen. Although we are part of a national and international network, HLB Nannen has retained its local focus. Our company has been rooted in the north of the Netherlands since its beginnings in 1942 – our employees are from our region, speak the language and are involved. We like to provide personal advice on your tax matters and make sure you do not miss opportunities. It goes without saying that we can help you meet your fiscal obligations.


Lefier strives every day to provide affordable housing in good neighborhoods. We are client-focused and involved in the local communities. Lefier rents good accommodations for a fair price and in diverse price classes. Soft-furnished and fully-furnished rentals are both possible.

Pallas Attorneys-at-Law    

Pallas Attorneys specializes in employment law and employee participation law. Within this area of expertise, Pallas Attorneys engages in advising, guiding and litigation for employers, employees, directors, expatriates, freelancers and works councils.

Blue Umbrella   

Blue Umbrella – Dutch Tax Matters

The Netherlands largest online income tax return service provider. Sign up for free and experience how you can file your taxes quick and easy for a fixed fee of € 135 (including VAT). Blue Umbrella also files your US taxes.

Receive your tax letters from the Dutch tax office online through Blue Umbrella. They translate your Dutch tax letters and advise you on requests from the tax office. A piece of mind service for just € 99 per year (including VAT).

Are you self-employed or a business owner? Check out Blue Umbrella’s business services. Unlimited business tax support for a fixed fee per month.

For information about the 30 percent ruling, childcare allowance, the Dutch income tax and childcare allowance calculator, and much more, visit www.blueumbrella.nl.

Blue Umbrella – the online tax adviser.

ABN AMRO Bank    

ABN AMRO offers private customers, private bankers and corporate customers comprehensive financial products and services. They provide in-depth financial expertise, broad knowledge of many sectors and an international network for the purpose of national and international activities.

Language Centre University of Groningen   

Communicating successfully starts with language skills and cultural understanding. Advanced proficiency in communication will increase your opportunities. The Language Centre combines academic expertise and innovative learning with practical experience for professionals and students.

Van der Meulen Makelaars   

Van der Meulen Makelaars is a major rental agent in Groningen. Specializing in the rental of furnished accommodation in Groningen, their wide range of properties consists of houses and apartments, with or without gardens, for both temporary or indefinite stays in and around Groningen.

Groningse Schoolvereniging   

The GSV is a regional primary school with a Bilingual and an International Department. Their Bilingual Department provides lessons in both English and Dutch, while in their International Department, the children are taught in English.

International School Groningen   

The International School Groningen serves the secondary school needs of the International Community in the north of the Netherlands. The International School Groningen educates young people to become responsible world citizens through creative, critical and meaningful contributions to society.