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The International Welcome Center North (IWCN) is a one-stop shop for international people living in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe.

We offer services in three areas:  government formalities (residence permits and municipal registration); information (practical information and referrals to reliable service providers); and events (a chance to start building a social and/or business network during events).

All of this happens at one location, and we are open five days per week from 10:00 to 17:00 (read more).


International Welcome Day Groningen

International Welcome Day Groningen

  Event Date: October 28, 2019

Come to the free International Welcome Day Groningen for all “new” internationals in the province of Groningen and Drenthe! Enjoy socializing with other internationals, tour through the local BaxBier brewery, taste local specialty […]


News from the North

The Northern Times

  • The Northern Times

    Smallingerland to become European City of Sport

    October 16, 2019
    The municipality, which surrounds the city of Drachten, applied for the position last year Translated by Thomas Ansell As reported in the Omrop Fryslân, the municipality of Smallingerland applied to become European City of Sport due to it keeping sp[...]

  • The Northern Times

    Arrests in Groningen after farmers protests get out of hand: protest-leader in custody

    October 15, 2019
    On Tuesday, the police in Groningen arrested two men suspected of using violence during the massive farmers’ protests, held on Monday at the Provinciehuis in the Martinikerkhof, Groningen The protest was organised by farmers in the province of [...]

  • The Northern Times

    Father and six children from Ruinerwold lived in basement for years waiting for the end of time

    October 15, 2019
    An unknown father and his six kids have lived in a basement under an isolated farm on the Buitenhuizerweg near Ruinerwold, in Drenthe. They were waiting for the ‘end of time’, according to RTV Drenthe. The report reveals that the kids didn’[...]

  • The Northern Times

    Frisian trains to stay Diesel-powered

    October 15, 2019
    The Province of Friesland had made it clear that it would like to see all regional diesel trains converted to run on electricity alone Translated by Thomas Ansell The alternative to an electric conversion- that the trains could run on batteries- has [...]




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