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Use of CoronaCheck app for entry to events and horeca

Posted on: September 21, 2021

Updated 18-10-2021

– Telephone number for making an appointment in Groningen for registering a foreign vaccination certificate

Updated 13-10-2021

– GGD Groningen may become second location for registering foreign vaccination certificates

Updated 04-10-2021

– Request a paper certificate without a DigiD

As of September 25th, more corona measures are being lifted. Keeping a distance of 1.5 meters is no longer mandatory and to access restaurants/bars, events, pop venues, theaters, cinemas or sport events, you need to show a “Corona certificate”. This certificate proves that you are either fully vaccinated, recovered from the corona virus or have recently been tested negative.

You can download the CoronaCheck app or print out the certificate from coronacheck.nl. CoronaCheck generates a QR code which, together with your proof of identity, provides you access.

To get tested, book an appointment with testenvoortoegang. The tests are free of charge and valid for 24 hours. If you get a negative test result, you can submit the code you’ve received via mail into the CoronaCheck app or printout. The unique code will be converted into a QR code, which will be scanned before entering the venue.

The CoronaCheck is also used for travelling within the EU, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, San Marino and Vatican City. This COVID Certificate is known as the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC). The DCC is available to everyone aged 12 and over. So when going abroad, make sure you use the international QR code (which will be provided automatically when receiving the QR code). You can also use the international QR code to enter locations in the country you’re visiting.

Registering your vaccination certificate

If you have received a vaccination in the Netherlands, your vaccination data should be automatically collected and uploaded by the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) or GGD. However, if CoronaCheck doesn’t register your vaccination automatically, you can manually create your vaccination certificate via the app/website using your DigiD. In case you do not have a DigiD you can request a paper certificate, which will be send to you by mail, by contacting the CoronaCheck helpdesk 0800-1421. At the moment, it is only possible to receive a vaccination certificate with your BSN number. The Government is working on the issue and will hopefully provide more options on registering and receiving the certificate.

If you have been vaccinated in an EU country, you have the right to receive a DCC from the country in which you were vaccinated. If you have received one dose in another EU country and one in the Netherlands and you find difficulties registering both vaccinations to the CoronaCheck, call The GGD back office 0800-5090 for assistance (keep your BSN at hand). In some cases registration to the RIVM can be made through your GP.

If you have been vaccinated outside of the European Union, you need to make an appointment to register your certificate with the GGD in Utrecht by calling +31 (0)30 800 2899. They have a location in Utrecht and one in Groningen. There are some requirements for your proof of vaccination to be accepted: for example a Chinese certificate needs to be officially translated or the vaccine has to be EMA approved. For all the requirements, follow this link. For more information on getting your certificate registered and making the appointment see the Government’s website. If you have no proof of being vaccinated outside the EU you can not apply for a vaccination certificate in the Netherlands.

On Monday 11 October, the Dutch government announced that the GGD Groningen should be authorized within a few weeks to also register vaccination certificates from outside of the EU. From the 18th 0f October you can call +31 (0)30 800 2899 (GGD Utrecht) for an appointment in Groningen.

The QR code issued in Albania, Andorra, Faroe Islands, Israel, Morocco, North Macedonia, Panama, Turkey and Ukraine should be accepted automatically by the CoronaCheck. In case you encounter any problems with the code, contact GGD regio Utrecht. They are open daily between 09:00-17:00 and provide information in English.

If you experience problems with the digital QR code, try using a printed paper/PDF version.

For more information about receiving proof of vaccination visit the Government’s website.