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Survey of internationals on the Dutch health care system

Posted on: December 9, 2016

In cooperation with Healthcare for Internationals, the IWCN and Connect International conducted research investigating the experiences of internationals with Dutch healthcare during the summer of 2016 in de provinces Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. Participants of this online research also indicated what aspects of healthcare they would like to see improved to increase the quality of life in the Netherlands. The population of internationals consists of employees, often with their families, who are sent to the Netherlands for a number of years (‘expats’), as well as foreigners who come on their own account to work, study or as a partner of a Dutch citizen.

Results of this research are of great importance for those parties that deal with internationals and would like to make them feel at home in our country, such as employers, government authorities, healthcare providers and health insurance providers. Please follow this link to read the results of the survey.

We are now looking for a group of about 20 international people who would like to help further by sharing their experiences and giving constructive feedback about the healthcare system. The aim of the focus group would be to formulate concrete suggestions that would improve your experience of the Dutch healthcare system. The next step is to present this feedback together with a smaller group of internationals directly to interested health care providers and insurance companies.

If you would be interested in attending a focus group meeting in Groningen (probably at the end of January 2017), we would love to hear from you. Please  send an email to info@iwcn.nl and we will add you to our invitation list.

Healthcare for Internationals is a foundation that aims to ‘close the gap’ between Dutch healthcare and the needs and expectations of internationals.