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Stricter Corona measures in force from 28 November

Posted on: November 29, 2021

“The number of people testing positive for coronavirus has never been as high as during the past few weeks. Access to healthcare is under pressure across all of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, it is necessary at this stage to cancel scheduled care, such as hip and hernia operations, to ensure the continuity of the most acute care, such as major heart surgery, cancer treatment and kidney transplants. We all want hospital, GP and outpatient care to be available when we need it. The number of infections and hospital admissions is not expected to fall in the short term.

The government is therefore imposing stricter measures in order to curb the number of infections and stop the health and care sector being further overburdened. The measures are intended to significantly reduce the frequency of contact between people. During the daytime people can still go to school, carry out their work and do sports and other activities, but with some restrictions.

In the evenings almost everything will be closed. These measures will enter into force at 05.00 on Sunday 28 November and apply until at least Sunday 19 December. The government will reassess the situation on Tuesday 14 December.”

All the measures can be found at this link.