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Groningen Alliance Strategic Agenda 2022-2026

Posted on: October 20, 2022

The Akkoord van Groningen/Groningen Alliance is pleased to present the new strategic agenda.

In this strategic agenda, we establish the Groningen Alliance’s direction for the next four years. In doing so, the Alliance partners define and commit to their ambitions, targets and objectives. Now that the course has been set, we can determine measurable targets and indicators and formulate operational plans per sector. We do so together as Alliance partners, but also together with other partners such as companies, institutions and local governments. This strategic agenda can be regarded as an open invitation to these parties. Despite working on specific (sectoral) targets and objectives, we never lose sight of the bigger picture. By acting as one, we strengthen the unity of the network of campuses (sites where business, research and education are clustered together) within the Groningen metropolitan region.

Strategic Agenda – Akkoord van Groningen/Groningen Alliance