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Energy compensation for all Dutch households

Posted on: November 1, 2022

In the coming weeks, all Dutch households will be eligible to receive two payments of 190 euros in compensation for rising energy costs.

According to NOS, energy providers must ensure that their customers will receive the money, but the process for compensation depends on the company.

What are the ways that the energy compensation funds can be paid out?

  • 190 euros can be transferred to the customer per month.
  • 190 euros can be deducted from the customer’s electricity bill in November and December
  • The money can be applied to pay off any outstanding debt or unpaid electricity bills.
  • The full amount can be transferred to the customer’s account after the end of their energy contract

How are the biggest energy providers getting the money to their customers?

  • Essent: The money will be deducted from the customer’s electricity bill.
  • Eneco: Customers will have 190 euros transferred into their account in mid-November and mid-December. The money will not be included in their monthly energy bill.
  • Vattenfall: Both rounds of 190 euro payments will be paid out to the customers, or applied to any unpaid bills.
  • Engie: Customers will have the 190 euro payment deposited into their account in the fourth week of the month.
  • Vandebron: The money will be deducted from the customer’s electricity bill.
  • Budget Energie: The money will be transferred to the customer’s accounts, or applied to cover any unpaid debts.
  • Greenchoice: Customers will receive bills with a  190 euro discount in November and December

Individuals who decide that they do not need the discount due to their own financial stability may choose to donate the money. There are several charitable organisations where people can donate their energy compensation, including the Kansfonds, which helps cover the energy bills of households in financial need.

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