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COVID-19 vaccination resources from the GGD Groningen

Posted on: June 1, 2021

The GGD (public health service) Groningen teamed up with the IWCN to give an online presentation about the Coronavirus vaccination campaign last week, and provided a number of useful resources for people with questions about when/how/via who they may be vaccinated.

Website of the RIVM (national health institutie) in English:


Information about vaccination in English and other languages:


 Step-by-step guide to getting vaccinated:


 More information about testing, tracing and COVID rules:  


 More information about DigiD and application:


Using DigiD makes it very easy to plan an appointment for a COVID-19 test and see the result, and to plan your appointment for the vaccination. 

 Press conference by Dutch government (scroll for other languages!)


▶ Where do I make an appointment for a corona test? (There’s a translation button at the top right)