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Street Parking

For some areas, parking is free of charge; in others, it is paid parking. In metered parking areas (P one), you must purchase a parking ticket from a machine that can usually be found by the side of the road. Check the times and days on signs when you are allowed to park there and if you are required to pay for parking. Most parking machines only accept cards (V-pay, Maestro, Visa and Master card)

With your international blue parking disk you may park for free in the designated blue zone for a limited number of hours. If you need one, you can purchase a parking disk from tobacco shops, car supply shops and police stations.

Parking is not allowed next to black and white or yellow curbs and where P-signs prohibit this.

Make sure that you do not park for longer than the allowable period in an area as parking fines are expensive, and your car may be towed away.

If you wish to leave your car for a longer period of time, you can use one of the car parks.

Parking Permits

For registered residents, it may be possible and necessary to obtain a parking permit to park your car in your neighborhood. Check with your local municipality under “parkeervergunning” to see if you need one and qualify.