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Municipal Health Care Service

For any general questions on health and health care, you can contact your Municipal Medical and Health Care Service (Gemeentelijke Geneeskundige en Gezondheidsdienst, www.ggd.nl), also called the GGD for short.

The GGD gives advice about vaccinations needed if you plan to travel to a foreign country. If you plan on traveling to a (sub)tropical country, you should make an appointment eight (8) weeks before you leave. The costs might not be covered by health insurance.

The GGD also give advice on matters relating to children’s health. Although their website is only in Dutch, in Groningen you can call 050 367 4991 and speak to advisors in English about a wide variety of matters, including, for example, bullying, birth marks, nutrition, drug & alcohol abuse, etc.

The GGD also publishes a folder on Youth Health Care in English (available at this link: Youth health care by the Public Health Service -GGD- Groningen).