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You are free to choose any dentist (tandarts). A referral is not needed. You will find lists of dentists in your phonebook or on the internet under “Tandartsen”. If you prefer another dentist, you are free to change. You can also go online to the Independer website to find a dentist near your home.

After you have registered with a dentist, he or she will generally contact you for a check-up every six months. Dentists perform most routine procedures themselves. Anesthesia is usually only given upon request, and dental cleaning is not part of the basic treatment. A hygienist (mondhygienist), normally a separate entity from the dentist, may do dental cleaning or other minor dental procedures.

For emergency care outside normal hours, call your dentist. You will hear a message (in Dutch) giving you the name and number of the dentist on duty in your area. There is generally emergency care available during off hours, nights, weekends and holidays. Local newspapers publish the schedule each week.

The basic health insurance policies do not cover dental expenses for people over 18. Special dental insurance policies are available. You should always check your insurance policy before starting non-routine treatment, such as crowns or orthodontic treatment.

For more information in Dutch regarding dental treatments and fees, see www.allesoverhetgebit.nl