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Foreign diploma evaluation

If you have earned your degree in another country and you want to work or continue your studies in the Netherlands, you will need to know what your degree, or diploma, or certificate is worth in the Dutch system to go further.

You will need to submit your current degree to one of two institutions to determine what the Dutch equivalent is:

1. Nuffic: Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education
-evaluates qualifications for theoretically-based junior vocational education, general and
pre-university secondary education, and higher education;

2. Colo: Cooperation Vocational Education, Training, and the Labour Market  
-evaluates apprenticeships and senior vocational qualifications;
Certain fees apply for these services.

Both of these centers share a joint information desk where you can get more information:
Informatiecentrum Diplomawaardering (IDW).

There are three possible situations in which you would need to determine the Dutch equivalent of your foreign degree:

  1. You have a foreign diploma, and you want to study
  2. You have a foreign diploma, and you want to work 
  3. You have a foreign diploma, and you want to know what it is worth

1. You have a foreign diploma and you want to study.
If you would like to study higher education (Hoger Onderwijs/HO) in the Netherlands, you should contact the institution you would like to attend. The most important requirement for admission to a Bachelor program is a secondary-school diploma at the correct level. To be able to attend a Master’s degree program, applicants must have at least a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. In certain popular courses, the number of students is limited and restrictions apply.

2. You have a foreign diploma and you want to work.
If you are unemployed and are looking for varied job openings, you can go to the UWV. The UWV will request a diploma evaluation on your behalf and tell you which documents you need to supply.
If you would like to work in the same profession you worked abroad, you will also need to check if your foreign profession is regulated in the Netherlands. If it is on the list of regulated professions, you will need permission to practice it and will be directed to the website of the competent authority. You will have to pay any fees associated with this. For further information, view this link.

If you do not find your profession on the list above, it is considered a non-regulated profession. To apply for a job relating to this non-regulated profession, it may be helpful to receive a diploma evaluation. There is a fee for the evaluation.

3. You have a foreign diploma and you want to know what it is worth.
If you are registered with the UWV and receive specific benefits from the UWV, you can request a diploma evaluation from the UWVIf your diploma is evaluated through the UWV, there is no fee.