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Useful Books

  • THE ACCESS GUIDE/WORKING IN THE NETHERLANDS This guide gives an overview of Dutch Employment Law and information on how to find a job
  • LOOKING FOR WORK IN THE NETHERLANDS By Nannette Ripmeester Published yearly by Expertise in Labour Mobility If you are looking for work in the Netherlands, this guide provides accurate and practical information on the job hunting process
  • DEALING WITH THE DUTCH By Jacob Vossestein The cultural context of business and work in the Netherlands
  • THE MOBILE LIFE By Diane Lemieux & Anne Parker A New Approach to Moving Anywhere
  • FIND YOUR PASSION By Jo Parfitt Twenty tips and Twenty Tasks for Finding Work That Makes Your Spirit Soar
  • A CAREER IN YOUR SUITCASE By Jo Parfitt 300 pages of completely revised and updated information for creating and maintaining a career overseas.