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Applying for a job

Application process

First, gather knowledge about the position you would like and the companies you would like to work for before you start your job hunt. When you decide to apply for a position in a Dutch company, you usually start by sending a motivation (cover) letter and your curriculum vitae. Europass offers a CV wizard to help you format your CV according to European and Dutch standards. If you haven’t heard back from the company around a week after sending your letter and CV, you can call to verify that they received your documents in good order; however, don’t expect an answer within two weeks!

Responding to a job advertisement

Respond to the job ad as indicated in the ad. If the employer would like to receive your application by regular post, do not send your application by email. In your letter, refer to the ad, or indicate it in the subject line. A motivation letter in the Netherlands should clearly state who you are and what your skills and capabilities are. It is important to describe why you would like to work at that company.

Speculative applications

A good way to find work is through speculative applications. By sending a speculative application, you show initiative and Dutch employers see you as being motivated to find a job at their company. You should call the company first to ask if they accept speculative applications. A speculative application letter doesn’t differ from a normal application letter.

Online applications

It is becoming more common for companies to take online applications. Completing an online application form requires strict attention. Digital CVs are becoming common; it is best to send your motivation letter in the body of the email and your CV attached as a PDF file. Refrain from using informal and unofficial language. Using keywords, formal language, and specific phrases for the particular job for which you are applying may help your CV and application letter to stand out from the rest of the applicants documents. It is important that you research the duties of the position, the actual title, and any other aspect of the job so that you can choose applicable and effective words and phrases. For further tips on keywords, please visit this website.

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