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A DigiD (Digital Identification) allows you to access various online governmental services in the Netherlands.

How to apply for a DigiD:

1.     Fill in your personal information:

  • BSN (Burgerservicenummer)
  • Date of birth (Geboortedatum)
  • Postal code (Postcode)
  • House number (Huisnummer)
  • Apartment or room number (if applicable) (Huisnummertoevoeging)

2.     Accept the terms and conditions (Gebruiksvoorwaarden):

  • Selecting the box
  • Select Verder (Next)

3.     Then, choose your username and password:

  • Username (Gebruikersnaam)
  • Password (Wachtwoord)
  • Repeat password (Herhaal wachtwoord)
  • Select Aanvragen (Request)

4.     Extra verification via SMS or e-mail
This is an optional step. If you would like to skip this, select Overslaan.

If you would like to have this additional security step, fill in your:

  • Mobile number (without any spaces)
  • Select Verder (Next)
  • Enter the verification code you just received by SMS in the space “Vul hier de code uit uw sms in
  • Select Verder (Next)


  • Fill in your e-mail address
  • Select Verder (Next)
  • Enter the verification code you just received by e-mail in the space “Vul hier de code uit uw e-mail in
  • Select Verder (Next)

5.     An activation code for your DigiD account will be sent by post to your registered address within five business days. You should activate your DigiD account within 20 days after receiving it.

6.     To activate your DigiD account, go to DigiD:

  • Select Activeren (Activate)
  • Enter your username (Gebruikersnaam)
  • Enter your password (Wachtwoord)
  • Enter the activation code (Activeringscode)
  • Enter the transaction code (transactiecode) you received in an sms or e-mail (only if you applied for the extra verification)
  • Select Activeren (Activate)

Your DigiD account is now active and you may use it to access various governmental sites, pension funds, health care providers, and water boards.