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Municipality of Emmen

Emmen, with almost 108,000 inhabitants, is a municipality situated in the southeast of the province of Drenthe. With an area of 350 square kilometers, Emmen is the fourth largest municipality in the Netherlands. About 2,000 international employees lived in the municipality of Emmen in 2016.

Emmen is well known as an open, green city, where you can enjoy walking and cycling in the several forests. In the south of Emmen is the international Naturepark Bargermeer, part of Veenland, which is the largest peat swamp in Central Europe and a unique bike and walking area as well.

The center and the northern part of the city is the historical district. Walking through the charactensic streets, you can discover quaint shops where business owners sell their local specialities. On the south part of the market, you can find the largest indoor shopping center of the north. And the weekly market on Friday is considered to be one of the best in the Netherlands. The open air flea markets, held on every Tuesday in July and August, are also famous.

The most famous attraction in the municipality is Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen. The great combination of a large group of animals, nature and exciting exhibitions makes it a unique experience for the whole family. Another unique attraction is the Veenpark, a historical copy of Emmen dating from 1900. Emmen also boasts Geopark de Hondsrug, the first Geopark in the Netherlands. According to Trivago, Emmen is the most trending city in Europe in 2017.



For more information visit: https://gemeente.emmen.nl/english