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Mental health for Internationals during the COVID-19 Crisis

Mental Health Support – Online

Online mental health support, or e-health, is available for anyone experiencing mild mental or social struggles, or for those dealing with depression, anxiety, or relationship tensions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are experiencing a higher risk of depression or anxiety, and it is important to get the help needed, while also maintaining a physically healthy distance.

In this time of ambiguity and uncertainty, it is important to look after your mental health, and some help is available free of charge. Find the resources available to you during this crisis, and read more via Healthcare for Internationals.

Corona Support Resources

  • Inter-Being:  help in English and other languages for expats, students and couples in Groningen, Amsterdam and Delft
  • U-Center: Call 0800 – 222 444 6 (weekdays from 9 – 20 hrs). U- Center is an expert in treating anxiety, depression, substance abuse and trauma.
  • PEP-International: has established an SOS-call back service.
  • Psychologenhulp: a collective of psychologists that offer free of charge help during the corona crisis. Mail to hulp@psychologenhulp.nl if you need help. Go to psychologenhulp.nl if you want to join as a volunteer.
  • International Peer Support Network Eindhoven: read this post for details. 7 mental health professionals with different nationalities are ready to help you.
  • Online support group Expat-wellbeing: daily check-ins.
  • iPractice Amsterdam: Call 020-2444888