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Application Checklist

  • Proof of sufficient financial means
    • A copy of a recent bank statement showing the funds, a declaration that the monies have been paid into a Dutch bank account, an agreement of funding from your facilitator or proof of a regular flow of funds can act as a supporting document
  • A step-by-step business plan
    • This must include a structure of the organisation, showing the entrepreneur’s active role
    • And a description of the innovative product/service
    • And a one-year plan of activities
  • Facilitator Agreement
    • This must be a signed document, with details of the facilitator’s role
    • The facilitator must not be the majority shareholder in the start-up
  • Official documents including
    • A copy of the entrepreneur’s passport
    • The antecedent declaration (see application form)
    • A declaration of tuberculosis screening (in some cases)
    • A Chamber of Commerce registration number

Additionally, a facilitator must have:

  • Evidence of their experience (ie. business plans, a CV, references, etc)
  • A demonstration of financial stability (ie. recent annual accounts)
  • The facilitator’s Chamber of Commerce registration number