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New Businesses and Start-Ups

Starting a business in the Northern Netherlands has several huge advantages: the location, connections and a pro-business climate. The Dutch government introduced a Start-up permit for non-EU entrepreneurs in 2015 (more information can be found here). General information on being a businessperson in the Netherlands can be found at the website of the Dutch chamber of commerce (in English). The World Trade Center (WTC) in Leeuwarden is also a valuable resource for prospective entrepreneurs.

Please see the information pages below about starting a business in the Northern Netherlands:

Brought into law in 2015, the Start-up residence permit allows talented entrepreneurs to take advantage of the Northern Netherlands’ excellent business environment and exceptionally high standard of living

A self-employed professional in the Netherlands is referred to as a ZZP’er, and is considered similarly to being an entrepreneur, and one can register as an eenmanszaak (single-person business) with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce- there is also a corresponding residence permit

This is available to ‘highly-educated’ internationals, who have either attained higher-level degrees, and/or have graduated from a Dutch university in the last 3 years. The permit allows unlimited working during the year, and can then be converted to a ‘highly-skilled migrant’ permit once long-term employment has been found

This is a yearly scheme run in collaboration with several Dutch cities and governmental departments. Applicants are invited to apply for the 5-month programme, where entrepreneurs are given intensive training, and the most innovative new companies and products are launched with the City as a launch customer. Please see the website link above for information about application dates, and the process of selection.