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Non-EU Staff, Students & Interns

International Staff

Having an international in your company can help open new markets and bring previously-unknown insights, whether they are at a senior or junior level. The IWCN can help with accelerated procedures for non-EU talent- please see our page on streamlined formalities.

International Students / Interns

The Northern Netherlands is home to a number of internationally-renowned educational institutions, such as the University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, and NHL Stenden. These institutions attract large numbers of international students, many of whom take an internship as part of their course. An international student could be the missing link of your business.

Offering a part-time job or internship to an EU student, or a Non-EU student with a student residence permit, is relatively straightforward. This PDF document, produced by Nuffic, contains all you will need to know about the procedures involved when hiring an international student.

As an employer wishing to hire an international student, you can use the flowchart to determine easily whether you need to apply for a work permit for persons outside the European Economic Area (TWV) and whether this will involve a straightforward or difficult TWV application. You will also see right away the number of hours international students are allowed to work.


A summary information sheet about students, working and internships at this link.

Orientation Year

Once students have graduated from an institution in the Netherlands, they can apply for an Orientation Year in the Netherlands. Even recent graduates from a Master’s or Bachelor’s program at one of the top 200 Universities abroad can apply for the Orientation Year.

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