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Job Cafe

At least two or three times per year, the IWCN plans to host the IWCN Job Café at the IWCN office  (Gedempte Zuiderdiep 98) in Groningen. The objective of the IWCN Job Café is for expats, their partners, and the international graduates and imminent graduates here in the north to familiarize themselves with the companies in the Netherlands and vice versa.

Each Job Café is themed (for example Jobs in ICT), whilst as part of the larger Make it in the North programme, the Job Café’s will form part of a wider Career Events calendar.

Beforehand, interested participants should email their CVs to the IWCN as well as bringing a printed-out CV to the IWCN Job Café. There will be three to four companies attending per session to give brief introductory information on what their company does and  what they are looking for. At the Job Café, a profile will be created to coordinate which vacancies may be relevant to the participants.

Companies interested in being featured at IWCN Job Café, please contact:  events@iwcn.nl