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Jobs for Spouses

It is generally well known that talented prospective international employees coming to the Netherlands to work often have equally talented spouses or partners, who also wish to further their careers.

As a ‘trailing spouse’ in the Northern Netherlands, you may find that finding a job depends on building up a network of warm contacts and that getting a job is based upon knowing the Dutch language. In the North especially, having a business knowledge of Dutch is seen as a prerequisite when dealing with customers or suppliers. Not all jobs require this, although many do, so a language course could be key in taking the next step, whilst also meeting new people.

Some of the large employers in the region offer career support for spouses, for example the University of Groningen has the Dual Careers programme, which includes monthly meet-ups and group support. Volunteering can also be a good way of meeting people and building a personal network, whilst Expat groups such as Connect International and InterNations can also be very helpful when seeking new opportunities. The IWCN is organizing themed job cafes as well, held at the Center and attended by local companies. These will also form part of a wider calendar of career events.

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